Locally Grown Flowers 

Summer CSA: Weekly Subscriptions

By joining a flower CSA program with a pick-up option at the farm, you're supporting local farmers and reducing your carbon footprint by reducing transportation emissions.

Joining a flower CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program is a fantastic way to support local farmers and enjoy fresh, seasonal blooms all season long. 

For $160, you will get 8 weeks of fresh blooms starting from mid summer to autumn. For $90, you will get 4 weeks of fresh blooms from mid summer to late summer. If you would like to order on the weekly basis (more flexibility), each bouquet will be $25.

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Bouquets to Order

Have an anniversary or birthday coming up? Or want to pick up a bouquet for a loved one as a nice little surprise? We make bouquets to order. Email springdaleflowers@gmail.com to request a bouquet. Prices vary depending on size.

Bulk Buckets of Flowers

Available in Summer Season/Early Fall Season

Have a special occasion coming up? We offer buckets of flowers for folks who would like to arrange their own flowers. We can offer you local and seasonal flowers according to your color palette, or, we can offer you farmer's choice - hand picked flowers that are at their prime. Whether you are a florist or a DIYer, buying flowers by the bucket could be a great option for you.

In the winter (Jan-April), we offer wholesale buckets of tulips. Please email to get more info.

Farmer's Choice

Buyer's Choice

Coming Again Winter 2024-2025

Winter Tulips:
One time orders & CSA options

Locally grown flowers in the winter?? YUP! 

This winter, we are trialing about 7,000 tulip bulbs. We realized that there was a huge lack of supply of local flowers in the winter and wanted to find a way to solve this issue.

We quickly fell into the world of winter bulb-forcing and are now growing thousands of tulips indoors in a small amount of space. 

How are they grown:

Our tulips are grown with simply  organic dirt, water, and bulbs. No chemicals. No sprays. It's that simple.

Why not buy the tulips at ordinary grocery stores?

Our tulips are special. I know, I'm biased, but I know this is true. Our flowers are freshly cut and thus have incredible vase lifes o

Ordering information:

We are offering CSA subscriptions in 4 week bundles or one-time orders as well. Our pick up locations are in Dover, Cambridge, and Newton, with delivery options available as well. Plus, if you are part of my school's community, you are welcome to pick up flowers at the front desk as well.

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